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  • Dard Sudha

    1,199.00 945.00

    Dard Sudha is very effective in joints pain, arthritis and goult. Its anti inflammatory and anti arthritic, analgesic properties relax muscles and tenderness around the joints thus provides fast symptomatic relief. It also reduces tenderness of joints and relief pain, swelling and stiffness. It eliminates toxins that impact healthy joint function and removes excess vita from the joints nerves and muscles.

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  • Hite Sudha

    1,199.00 945.00

    Height Sudha is a 100% natural supliment that is used to gain height. It helps in growth and development of the body. It stimulates the human growth harmone, which is turn increasing height. It helps to boost the immne system as well as the physical strength and also helps the development of the muscular and the skeletal system. It also improves metabolism and help in forming a lean body and does not have any side effect.

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  • Kaam Sudha

    1,899.00 1,260.00
    In The Box
    Sales Package
    • 1
    • Manav Herbals
    Model Name
    • Dard Suhda
    Model Number
    • MAN102
    • 120 g
    • Special Supplements
    • Powder
    • Yes
    Maximum Shelf Life
    • 36 Months
    Container Type
    • Pouch
    Food Preference
    • Vegetarian
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  • Leuco Sudha

    999.00 840.00

    Leuco shudha is effective for leucorrhoea and remove odour of vegina. It is designed to reguralized menstrual cycle and helps to pain during menstrual period, veginal iritation itching around the out side of vegina, urinary track infection and Re-srenghthens thereproductive tissues thus restore their vitality.

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  • Madhu Sudha

    999.00 840.00

    Madhu sudha is a safe and effective adjuvant for non-insuline dependend diabetes mellitus. It activates pancreatic cells to release the sufficient quantity of insulin in the body system to manage blood sugar with in physiological  level. The people on borderline blood sugar levels can protect themselves from diabetes. Those affected can reduce the allopathic medicine after some time if they take as on adjuvant along with allopathic medicine.

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  • Peny Sudha

    1,299.00 1,050.00

    Penny Sudha helpful for those suffering from erectile dysfunction/impotence and early ejaculation. It is designed to increase to work on the harmone secretion and strengthens the penile muscles. Help in achieving harder and strong erection. Balance sex hormones and increases sex drive.

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  • Sehat Sudha

    899.00 820.00

    Sehta sudha contains several natural ingredients that are proven to gain weight naturally. It is a revolustionary herbal formulation made potent herbs that improves appetite by enhancing the metabolism of the body. It causes increase in consumption of food intake and obsorption of nutrients present in the food.

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  • Sehat Sudha Pro

    2,500.00 2,100.00
    • As dietary supliment not for medicinal use.Other ingredients:Milk protein,SKkimed milk powder, Maltodextrin, Cocoa, vitamin & minerals,contains permitted food color, flavors, stabilizing, agents and preservatives. Adequate Overages of Vitamins are added to compensate loss on storage.
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  • Shape Sudha

    1,899.00 1,260.00

    Shape shudha helps modulate appetite and promotes fat oxidation. It support digestion and balances appetite, which sets the weight management and overall wellness. This uniqe combination of herbs also curvs food craving and controls the appetite, resulting fever calories intake and optimal utilization of nutrients. It works synergistically to help reach and maintain high energy levels.

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  • Shukra Sudha | Sperm Enhancer

    1,299.00 1,050.00

    Shukra sudha is  developed after years of research and analysis. The best part of this 100% natural treatment is that not only stop nightfall but its also helps to reverse damage caused to your system over the time and also helps to resolve the weakness and other associated symptoms, it strengthens male reproductive system it helps to improve male infertility and loss of libido. Helps men with erection, can helps delay in ejaculation, improve seminal viscosity, restore confidence and provide satisfactory libido lean body muscles and prevent premature ejaculation.

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